Thursday, April 07, 2011

About JD.........

I live in Bath playing and teaching guitar. I started playing in the summer of 1991 and haven't really stopped since. Since 2002 I have been a full time guitarist and teacher. I gig as a solo guitarist but more often with various groups and am available for all kinds of live playing and session work.
 These days I mostly plays in and around Bath & Bristol but have toured the UK, France, Germany and Italy with various groups, and have also featured on various BBC radio programmes.

Brief Biog
Raised in the beautiful village of Croydon (which lies in the south of a place called London town), I first learnt to play guitar from a mish mash of influences including the Layla album by Derek + the Dominoes and Appetite for destruction by GnR.

Growing up in a family of musicians I was first taught by my Dad and I was playing on stage in various groups in under a year. I've been mostly self-taught, but have studied electric guitar at the Guitarist’s Institute in London, Spanish and Flamenco at the IGF, and Jazz with the late jazz guitarist Frank Evans.

In recent years my music has spread from rock, blues and funk into jazz, country, classical and flamenco. These are all more difficult forms of music but keeps my interest going to keep on learning.