Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Croydon was voted the chavviest town in the country according to an online survey in 2008 by the website

Being the chavviest town in 2008 adds to a dubious list of honours for Croydon including giving its name to the Croydon facelift - a hairstyle where girls scrape back their hair into a ponytail.

Describing Croydon, the site says: “Chavs come from far and wide to worship at the pikey temple that is the Whitgift Shopping Centre, a place that has more McDonalds, KFC’s and Burger Kings than any other place on the planet – many a chav family can be seen having their Sunday lunch in one of these fine eateries.

However, night-time is when Croydon really comes into it’s [sic] own. The younger chavs are usually on their way home due to their curfew/electronic tags/time to feed the baby and this is when the older chavs (i.e: 15-20 yr olds) decide to descend on the Croydon ‘strip’.

If anyone wants to see chavs in their natural environment and run the risk of getting mugged, stabbed, raped, glassed, shot or just plain ‘dissed’ then come down to Croydon, it’s even got Chav trams which are free to chavs.

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