Friday, September 15, 2006

Demo music

Click on the arrows by the 'tape wheels' to move through the tracks.
There's music from all the bands I play in - Fattyboombasstic, Dudlow Joe, guitar and harmonica tracks, and some jazz and funk from BGB.

Track listings -
JD Tracks

  • Nu funk - A jam on a funk groove that eventually turned into 'Green eyed monster'. Has a 'middle eastern' vibe on the bridge and different guitar tracks trading solos.
  • JD's Quickie - another funk jam
  • Big Toe - up tempo bebop jazz. Played over 'rhythm changes'.
  • Pickin' the country licks - double stops, 'lap steel type bends' etc all played clean on my Telecaster.
  • More up tempo country licks.
  • Flamenco style 1
  • Flamenco style 2
  • Frosty plays jazz. Solo guitar jazz. What Joe Pass used to do at Christmas.

  • Roshambo. A song about kicking each other in the nuts.
  • Haircut. Phat rock funk groove.
  • City Of Dreams. Pure funk. Check out the tapping licks in the solos.
  • Are You Thinking.
  • Dynamo (radio Edit). Disco, Disco, Disco!
Dudlow Joe
  • Louise. Bluesy tracks written by Danny Vincent
  • Weather Man. Don't really know what Danny's singing about here, but it sounds good!
Harmonica tracks
  • JD On The Harmonica
  • 9 Hole Blues
  • 'George' Calypso Track - my take on this tuneful track
The Berry Goddard Band (aka BGB)
  • Silver Coloured Blues. Up-tempo blues that sounds a bit like a game show themetune
  • Dr Gordon. Chilled out bossa nova. Our friend Gordon got his PhD as I wrote this track.
  • Feel Like Swimming. Funk meets jazz.
  • 9 Past 9. More funk + jazz

I wrote all this music except for the calypso 'George' and the Dudlow Joe stuff which was done by Danny Vincent..

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