Friday, September 15, 2006

Berry's blues phrasing

Here's a really simple idea that I like to use when I'm rocking out some blues licks on my axe.
Repeating a short phrase that doesn't fit into the rhythm.
A five note phrase works really well for this.

Pick your timing eg quavers (2 notes on a beat) or triplets (3 notes on a beat) and keep that rhythm going.
Then repeat your five note phrase, with a little accent on the first note each time see the first example below. Both examples use note from an A minor blues scale.


The second example is using a triplet rhythm
(count 1 + a, 2 + a, 3 + a, 4 + a).
But this time with a four note phrase, again with an accent on the first note each time.
You can hear a blues track in A on the mp3 player below. The first phrase is in the first chorus of the 12 bar and the second phrase in the second chorus. The repeated phrases are in 5th bars of the 12 bar blues (over the D chord). Listen out for any other repeated licks too...


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