Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Zippy's guitar tricks

Hello everybody!
I just wanted to give you guys a few tips on using pentatonic scales. It's an easy scale to learn and play but here's an idea I use to spice up my soloing when I'm jamming with Geoffrey and the guys.

Let's say you're playing in the key of C.
Obvious choices would be to use either:
  • C major pentatonic - C D E G A
  • C major - C D E F G A B C
All the notes from the C major scale are good ones, but there are 2 other pentatonics you can also use:

  • D minor pentatonic (or F major)- D F G A C
  • E minor pentatonic (or G major)- E G A B D
Both these pentatonics use notes that are in the C major scale, + miss certain ones out- this will change the sound of your playing. It can sound really odd in some places, but that's the point - you're trying to play something a bit different. As always use it with taste, and don't over use it.

Here's a few chords you could try it over:

[C ][F ][G ][C ]- try with a calypso feel.

[Dm7 ][G7 ]- maybe for a funk or jazz groove.

[Am ][G ][F ][G ]- for a rock song.

All these chords are from the C major scale.
If you harmonise the scale you get these chords:
  • C
  • Dm
  • Em
  • F
  • G
  • Am
  • Bdim
So mix + match these chords and try the different pentatonics.
Take some songs you know, work out what key you're in and you should be able to find 3 pentatonics that fit over it.

Roll a fat one for me,

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