Sunday, January 08, 2006

Optimus prime's top tips for guitar

Playing faster

Whenever I'm learing a new lick or a run and I wanna get the speed up, here's a few tips that'll help.

  • Learn small sections, slowly. This point can't be emphasised enough, so I'll say it again. Learn small sections, slowly. I'm forever hearing kids trying to rip through a lick and tripping over their own fingers in the same place over and over. Man it makes me so mad I wanna kick their 'ass all the way to Cybertron.
  • Memorise the section you wanna play, going as slow as you like. Concentrate on getting the fingering and picking exactly right.
  • Set yourself up with a metronome at a slow, comfortable pace and play the lick in time. If you keep getting a bit wrong, concentrate on playing those hard bits.
  • When you can play it slowly with the metronome- RELAX. Make sure your shoulders aren't hunched up and you're not gritting your teeth. Don't even think about pushing the metronome up until you can play your lick cleanly without any tension, or else you'll get a 16 wheeler truck givin' you a whole load more of trouble.
  • Now push the metronome up another 5 or 10 bpm, and play through the lick and remember to relax.
  • Keep pushing the metronome up a few more beats, until you can't keep up. Make a note of the bpm and try again the next day, starting slowly again to warm yourself up.
That's all for now,
Reply posted by Megatron: 21 August 2006 1:30pm GMT
Hmmmmm.......I hate to say it but my arch enemy has some good advice on the subject. But I have to add a few words.
  • You gotta push yourself sometimes. Don't be soft like Optimus. Get your licks down and use the metronome to keep yourself in time but try a few goes at a speed that you can't keep up with and then go back down. You'll find it easier when you come back down again.
  • Also try a thicker pick. When I'm ripping through my jazz fusion licks I like to use a pick around 1.5mm to 2mm thick.
  • Now stop wasting time on the net and go + do some practice. I'm off for a few pints and a fight down the local with Soundwave.

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